“Your house shall not be an anchor but a mast."

Shawn Rowles founded Bay Area Home Options to help property owners navigate difficult decisions that come with home ownership.  He provides assistance for your real estate needs, making the process easier and less stressful.

Shawn Rowles

"For many home owners, their home can become a financial and emotional anchor.  I look forward to sharing my personal experience of how I transformed my anchor into my sail.  With my knowledge and experience, I hope we can work together to set you emotionally and financial free of your anchor."

Look at your property through a fresh lens. Whether you are renting, leasing, purchasing, selling, or remodeling, Shawn Rowles has seen it all. His years of experience may bring to light options you haven't considered.


The Prophet, Gibran


Minnesota Real Estate Broker #20079034

California Licensed Real Estate Agent


Clients choose Bay Area Home Options because they need a trustworthy professional who is reliable and provides individualized, quality assistance. Combine that with Shawn's expansive knowledge of the real estate industry, and you have a winning formula.